Thu, 30 Mar 2023

As hip hop and R&B continue to grow in popularity across the United States, transcending all cultures, one man is injecting his own soul and poetry into the genre: musical artist Holliewood King. With hits like 'Together,' 'In the Hotel,' and 'Earthshake,' he is giving his thousands of fans something rare in the music world: authenticity and relatability as well as talent. We sat down with Holliewood King to learn more about how he has risen to the top of a notoriously difficult industry, all while keeping his humility, positivity, and sense of humor.

'When I was a kid growing up in Modesto, California, I was always walking around with a song running through my head,' Holliewood King remembers. 'Half the time I didn't hear what people were saying because I was so caught up with the music that was in my heart. I found a good outlet for my musical instincts when I joined the church choir. I had so much fun singing and letting out my emotions in such a powerful way.'

As a teenager, Holliewood King listened a lot to Master P and his No Limit camp before tuning in to Mistah Fab, E40, and Meek Mill. It was only a matter of time before he began making his own music.

'I was thirteen when I got to go into a studio at my friend's house and watch how music was produced,' he says. 'This was incredibly cool to me. In front of me were all the gadgets and equipment that could take the song out of an artist's mind and put them into a track that other people could hear. Everyone was freestyling and writing lyrics, so I wrote something and recorded it. I was so inspired that I started watching videos and tutorials on my own. I wanted to learn everything I could about making my own hip hop songs.'

Age sixteen was a major turning point: Holliewood King discovered that he was a natural rapper. He loved putting words together and creating metaphors for his lyrics, and other people began to notice and appreciate his unique style.

'Doors kept opening for me,' he says. 'I eventually hooked up with a group called Dem Graffiti Boyz that was signed with Mr.Kee, a Bay legend label. My two cousins - Ceddy Bo and Max Payne - and I were also with Money N Muscle for about three years. I took every chance that was in front of me to make myself a better rapper and performer.'

Realizing that he was blessed with the talent to make music, Holliewood King decided to launch his solo career. He focused on two goals: being professional and remaining true to his values of authenticity and empowerment. His dedication to his music and development as an artist were soon noticed by Carl Johnson of MAW Record Management, and he signed a contract.

'This was big because I had management that helped me to promote my music,' Holliewood King explains. 'I was able to get a few big names on my projects and open up some doors for them, too.'

He says that the road to where he is today in the hip hop world has been far from easy. He has learned to keep a very close circle, as many people have let him down over the years.

'Many of my friends and family members, whom I loved dearly, have also died, and that tested my faith and resolve to keep going forward,' says Holliewood King. 'But, I stayed positive, kept pushing, and refused to let anything ever get me down.'

Today, Holliewood King continues to release his music, and he is working with producers and other artists to develop a new track that will reflect his creativity and versatility. His goal is to give his fans and the world the best music for them to vibe to and enjoy. One of his biggest pleasures is seeing a total stranger - a CEO, teacher, or student - rock with his music. It is very satisfying to him that his lyrics and beats resonate with a broad audience and get them dancing.

He is committed to helping others to follow their own musical dreams. 'I have had a lot of good people help me along the way, so I'm doing my best to return the favor by being a mentor,' Holliewood King says. 'The right words at the right time can be incredibly impactful on another person's life. Whatever you do, whoever you are, don't ever give up on your dreams. Learn from any constructive criticism that other people offer, and don't ever be afraid to ask for help. Stay positive, and your dreams will come true for you just like they are for me.'

Holliewood King is a rising rapper/hip-hop artist whose songs include 'Together,' 'Shawty,' and 'Hold On Tight.' To listen to his latest music, check out @Holliewoodking on Google or visit

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