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How to Take Care of Your Rolex Watch

26 Feb 2023, 02:24 GMT+10

Taking care of your Rolex watch requires proper time and attention. It is very important to follow a diligent care routine for your Rolex watches to maintain its pristine condition and help retain its value. In this article, we elaborate on some of the essential points regarding Rolex watch care and other tips to know.

Things to know about Rolex watch care

Whether you own a Rolex Tiffany watch or a GMT Master II, the care and maintenance required applies across all models of the brand. Hence, to guide you this process, following are a few key aspects related to the Rolex watch care routine.

  • Keep your Rolex watch clean
  • Make sure to service your Rolex watch on time
  • Do not push your Rolex watch beyond its water resistance capabilities
  • Avoid keeping your Rolex in unsafe environments
  • Do not use any form of chemicals to clean your Rolex
  • Use a watchbox or watch stand
  • Always read the Rolex watch manual for further details

Keep your Rolex watch clean

Clean your luxury watch. The first and foremost thing to understand is that Rolex watches are made using premium materials. Although these materials possess high durability, they are still subject to scratches and dents. Particularly in situations where the watch is exposed to dust and other harsh conditions, the possibility of damage is high.

Therefore, it is important to periodically clean your watch, to ensure no damages and a well-maintained condition. What we would suggest is to use a microfiber cloth to wipe your watch, preferably at the end of everyday (provided you are wearing it regularly).

Make sure to service your Rolex watch on time

Every Rolex watch has a specific timeframe within which it has to be serviced. This is usually mentioned in the users manual, which every Rolex owner must follow. Servicing your Rolex applies for both brand new and pre-owned watches.

Timely servicing will not only ensure its external intactness, but also help retain its seamless functionality. Therefore, always remember to get your Rolex watch serviced timely.

Do not push your Rolex watch beyond its water resistance capabilities

All Rolex watches are water resistant, however, the measure of water resistance varies from model to model. You must always be aware of the water resistance measure that your particular Rolex model carries.

For example a Rolex Sea-Dweller has a water resistance measure ranging between 1,220 meters to 3,000 meters. On the other hand, a Rolex Tiffany watch has a water resistance measure of up to 100 meters. Therefore, both these watches have varied capabilities, and must be used within these limits.

Pushing your Rolex watch beyond its waterproof capabilities, will lead to external and internal damages. This can not only impact the value of the watch but can also be very expensive to service.

Avoid keeping your Rolex in unsafe environments

Excessive sunlight, heat, dust or moist environments are harmful to your watch. Again, as we have previously mentioned, the materials used in Rolex watches are of high-quality and durability.

However, leaving them out in the sun or regularly wearing them in drastic conditions, can severely damage it. Therefore, you must avoid keeping your Rolex watches in unsafe conditions.

Do not use any form of chemicals to clean your Rolex

Using any form of chemicals to clean your Rolex watch is not advisable. There are various brands that advertise themselves as the best watch cleaner liquids, however, using one of them can be very harmful to your watch.

You can always consult your seller, to identify some basic methods of cleaning or if you are allowed to use a form of cleansing liquid. In most cases, sellers do not recommend you to clean using chemicals, rather use a microfiber as mentioned above, to clean your watches.

Use a watchbox or watch stand

Why store your Rolex watch elsewhere, when you can use its box or a cushioned watch stand. Rolex watches are not meant to be thrown around on your table, but are to be placed on a watch stand. This is again a conscious effort to avoid exposing your watch to damages, and ensuring a safe place for storage.

Always read the Rolex watch manual for further details

This is perhaps the most basic aspect to note, which is to thoroughly read through the Rolex user manual. A user manual will consist of all the details pertaining to your particular model of Rolex.

It will include everything from Rolex watch functions, features, and other care routine methods. Therefore, reading through it, will enable you with knowledge related to your watch and ways to take care of it. Hence, you must read your Rolex user manual.

Benefits of maintaining your Rolex watch

There are plenty of benefits to maintaining your Rolex watch. However, rather than focusing on all of it, we have decided to highlight the two most significant advantages of maintaining a Rolex watch.

  • Helps retain its quality
  • Improves its value

Helps retain its quality

Based on all the care tips we have mentioned above, you already know that the benefit of maintaining your watch is to retain its quality. Timely servicing, cleaning and proper storage can ensure the quality of your Rolex watch. Now you wouldn't want a damaged watch would you?

Improves its value

Most watch collectors buy Rolex watches as an investment. The value of these watches are known to increase over a period of time, enabling collectors to earn a profit. However, the value of Rolex watches in the pre-owned market is determined based on its condition.

Therefore, during resale, to obtain a better value for your Rolex watch, it's important to maintain its condition by implementing all the tips mentioned above.

Rolex watch care: An essential routine to follow

When you invest in a Rolex watch, the investment is not one time. You are required to dedicate your time and effort in ensuring its condition over the long run. This is the only way you can retain its quality, and subsequently fetch a higher price in the future.

Therefore, we hope this guide can help you with the process of maintaining your Rolex watches.

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