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How can I tell if my cat is bored?

19 Nov 2022, 16:24 GMT+10

It's not like washing anything with a soft sponge; a cat's tongue is far more abrasive. Your cat probably has this characteristic because of the small, rigid, and retroflex papillae that cover its tongue. The spines remove dirt from the coat, like dust and dead hair, while the saliva helps keep the cat at a comfortable temperature.

Here we have mentioned a few signs to know when your cat seems bored.

  • Insufficiency of Motivation to Initiate Action

When cats lose interest in an otherwise enjoyable pastime, it indicates that they have become bored.

  • Whining

Your cat may be trying to grab your attention by making more noise if bored. Your cat is attempting to tell you something, although spoken communication between cats is unusual. The best thing for a pet to do when it's lonely is to start sobbing or whining, as people will swiftly come to check what's wrong.

  • Hunger Strike

Cats rapidly learn that making a lot of noise when bored will garner the attention they need and maybe even a treat. Cats' ravenous hunger is well-known but increases when being praised for inappropriate antics.

  • Pacing

Most cats are relatively sedentary and prefer to lounge around all day. Your cat's room-to-room roving could be a sign of loneliness or restlessness.

  • Destructive Behaviour

If your cat is acting destructively when it typically wouldn't, it's probably just bored. Distracted cats are more likely to scratch the furniture and rug than return to the areas you've warned them to avoid. Your cat may become destructive by knocking things from shelves if this doesn't work.

  • Oversleeping

It can be challenging to discern whether a cat is getting enough sleep, as their snooze time can range from 12 to 18 hours daily. However, cats whose days consist only of sleeping and eating may display signs of boredom and the desire for attention and activity.

  • Overgrooming

If your cat obsessively grooms itself, it could be because it is bored. Excessive grooming is done daily among bored housecats, but it can lead to hair loss and skin discomfort.

  • Vehement Animosity

Sometimes, when a cat is bored, it acts aggressively. For example, your cat can try to pick a battle with the other pets or even the dogs if it is bored. Cats have been known to scratch at people's ankles or even launch surprise attacks from behind furniture when left alone.

  • Worry-Inducing Pets

An unattended cat can torment other cats in the home by engaging in chase games with them. In addition, your cat's aggressiveness toward your other pets may result from her feeling bored. Since we have taken cats out of their native habitat, they may exhibit undesirable predatory behaviours, especially when bored.

What to Do When Your Cat is Bored?

You can get your furry companion out of the bored space in many ways. Some of them are listed below.

  • Cat-proof Your Home

Place perches strategically about the house. Your cat will be entertained for hours by birds, butterflies, and squirrels because they are exciting and interacting. A bird feeder or birdbath outside the window is an excellent source of entertainment.

  • Scratching Post

Although scratching is normal for cats, they require a safe place to engage in this activity. So put your cat to good use with a scratching post or mat instead of your sofa or rugs.

  • Cat Tower

Cat trees allow your cat to exercise its instincts to climb, scratch, and perch. Large cat trees are a reasonable investment if you have the space to accommodate them and want to keep your cat active and engaged.

  • Cat Cave

A cat cave can offer your feline friend a safe and secure spot to rest and relax. The most basic definition of a cat cave is a ball-shaped pet bed with an opening at the top. Additionally, you can use a box with a cutout as a hiding place. You can alternatively open a brown paper bag and place it in the room's focal point instead. Almost all cats will inevitably spend time in these spots.


Without this stimulation, indoor cats are more likely to become bored and destructive. Boredom can have serious consequences, such as violent behaviour and depression. Cat owners should be able to recognise the indications of boredom in their pets and come up with creative ways to alleviate it. Cat insurance is a good option for your financial and your pet's health benefit.

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