Sun, 14 Aug 2022

In a world full of high-achievers, arguably no one works harder to achieve their goals than activists. Whether they are passionate about ending hunger, fighting illiteracy, or stopping gentrification, individuals of all ages and backgrounds give everything they have to their favorite issues. Until now, they have often done it for free and have struggled to connect with other people and organizations and to amplify their efforts. However, with the launch of SoAct and its app, that landscape is changing, as the company is helping activists to mobilize quickly, locate nonprofits dedicated to their causes, and even earn money for organizing. Below, Peter Clark, SoAct's Co-Founder, gives his insights into why SoAct is the right app for today's turbulent times.

'Every day, the headlines contain news about social justice issues, protests, fundraisers, and other advocacy efforts,' Peter says. 'People are working hard to effect positive change, and that will only continue as more individuals realize how much power they have to make a difference in their communities. SoAct is all about making that happen.'

SoAct's app facilitates conversations between an environmentalist in Phoenix, Arizona, and one in Bangor, Maine, or people in San Francisco, California, and Miami, Florida, who are committed to ending political corruption. Peter believes that individual activists of all backgrounds are full of excellent ideas that can propel a cause. 'SoAct gives them that platform where they can connect and give suggestions,' he says. 'They can share resources and even host events, both virtually and in-person. It is basically the center of activism on the Internet.'

Nonprofits benefit as well. With the ability for individuals to search for organizations dedicated to their cause, they can quickly find groups that are leading efforts and join up. Nonprofits are also able to reward their volunteers with certificates and awards.

The innovation that has the potential to change the advocacy landscape the most, however, is SoAct's collaboration feature, which enables users of the app to direct their money and resources to support people and groups who share positive goals.

'This is big news for organizers,' Peter believes. 'When you research the advocacy space, you'll quickly realize two things: one, organizers do a ton of work to mobilize communities, and two, they are either not paid for their efforts or are paid very little. With all the phone calls, knocking on doors, letters, and social media updates, don't you think organizers should be fairly compensated? At SoAct, we definitely think so. That's why we included this feature in our app.'

As more advocates and nonprofits connect on SoAct's app, Peter asks them to use it to transform the world into what it should be. 'No one needs to be reminded of how many problems are out there, waiting to be solved,' he says. 'SoAct's app itself is not the solution to those issues - people and their wonderful ideas are. So, check us out! Get on our app and use it to find other social justice activists. Pick each other's brains and encourage each other! Together, you can effect the change our society is waiting for.'

SoAct is a condensed social media platform that is centered around the user's passions and desire to positively impact shared communities. Issues include cancer, sustainability, poverty, hunger, and more. SoAct supports its activists as they make a difference. It is not just an app - it is a movement that allows everyone to collaborate to create a better future.

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