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Gold bullion bars from the ABC Refinery in Sydney, Australia.

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Gold is one of the hottest investments of 2022 - and a Gold IRA is one of the hottest retirement account choices. More investors are making investing in gold coins an essential part of their retirement planning. With inflation and economic uncertainty on the rise, and the stock market in the doldrums, alternative assets such as gold or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are being recognized as offering investors superior value.

Gold coins produced by national mints are a popular choice for retirement account investments. This article gives you a rundown on the best gold coins to invest in and top Gold IRA companies.

Why Gold is a Good Investment

Physical gold is a unique investment asset that gives investors unique advantages. Here are some key benefits of investing in gold:

  • Unlike any paper currency, gold is a real physical asset that has value in and of itself as a scarce commodity.
  • Gold has consistently maintained value, in terms of purchasing power, even while paper currencies have been devalued. Gold is one of the few assets recognized as a 'safe haven' investment during times of high inflation.
  • Physical gold is less vulnerable than cash in a bank to theft by identity thieves or seizure by creditors or the government.

The Top 3 Gold Coins to Invest in With a Gold IRA

Following is a list of the 3 best gold coins to add to your retirement accounts. These coins all meet the IRS requirement of minimum .995 purity for gold held in a Gold IRA. Their quality is assured by the fact that they're all gold coins produced by national mints.

Gold American Eagle

The Gold American Eagle is possibly the most well-recognized gold coin in the world. Its distinctive Liberty design, created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens for the prized collector coin, the $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, makes it one of the most popular gold coins with investors. The Gold Eagle comes in sizes as low as 1/10 of an ounce, so it can easily fit any investor's budget.

Chinese Gold Panda

Everybody likes panda bears. That's one reason the Chinese Gold Panda has been an investor favorite since its first minting in 1982. It has a fineness of .999. The 2022 minting celebrates the coin's 40th anniversary with a special mark on its reverse side.

British Gold Britannia

The British Gold Britannia coin goes a decimal point past the Chinese Panda, boasting a certified purity of .9999. The figure of Britannia on the coin's reverse side is the oldest identifying feature of British coinage, dating back to Britannia coins struck by the Romans in the 1st Century AD.

Other popular gold coins include the Australian Gold Kangaroo and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

Top 3 Gold IRA Companies

You can set up a Gold IRA on your own, but it's easier to go through a Gold IRA company. That's because the IRS has very specific rules for Gold IRAs. Only certain forms of gold can be held in the account, and only in IRS-approved vaults. And the account must be managed by an IRS-approved custodian.

Top Gold IRA companies are Regal Assets, Kitco, and JM Bullion.

#1 Regal Assets Best Overall Gold IRA Provider

For quick-and-easy comprehensive Gold IRA service, Regal Assets is a perfect choice. An official member of the Forbes Finance Council, Regal is one of the select Gold IRA companies that directly provide all required Gold IRA services - IRS-approved gold, storage, and custodian management services. If you want to fund your Gold IRA by transferring money from another retirement account, Regal Assets are experts at handling rollovers, making sure you avoid any tax penalties.

#2 JM Bullion - Fast-growing US Precious Metals Dealer

JM Bullion has one of the most extensive inventories of gold and silver coins and bullion that can be found. That makes it a popular online shopping spot for precious metals investors. JM can set up a Gold IRA for you, but you'll have to deal with third-party providers to arrange storage and get an account custodian.

#3 Kitco - Best for Market News

Kitco is a trusted source for precious metals news and analysis. It features current price charts of gold, silver, and in-depth information on precious metal mining stocks. Kitco offers a wide selection of gold coins for purchase, but it doesn't directly provide IRS-approved storage and custodian services.

Extended Summary Table: Top 3 Precious Metal IRA companies

Gold IRA: Top 3 Gold Coins to Buy - Summary

There are several gold coins that you can consider adding to your retirement planning with a Gold IRA. The top three reviewed here are all easily recognized, highly liquid, and have historically proven themselves to be forms of gold that provide the best returns on investment. Contact a Gold IRA company for further information about retirement accounts and investments in gold coins.

Find out if a Gold IRA is right for your investment strategy. Learn more here about IRAs (including Silver IRAs, Crypto IRAs, and Bitcoin IRAs).

Written By: J.B. Maverick - An active investor who has written hundreds of articles, blogs, and eBooks on personal finance and investing for dozens of different investor information websites, including, and acted as an advisor and editor for the Financial Educators Council. Connect with Jack on linkedin here

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