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Common PR Strategies Used by Reputed Agencies

28 Oct 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

Launching a new company comes with its own set of challenges, and marketing your firm is one of them. This becomes trickier when there are established companies in the same industry with an equally established clientele.

However, hiring a PR company to do the job can be very cost-effective. Here are some of the strategies that agencies use to promote their clients:


Agency PR strategists use branding as one of their primary tools to promote a client's business. By strategically creating a brand that embodies its identity, it becomes easier for consumers to remember and expand their relationship with the firm.

The challenge is transforming an already well-established brand into something that can stand on its own. For instance, the beverage company Coca-Cola uses branding to appeal to a broader audience. By positioning itself as fun and "the real thing," it has become an iconic brand that is now more than 100 years old.

Social Media

The best PR strategy to reach your target audience and potential investors today is through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On these outlets, agencies share articles relevant to their clients' businesses to reach potential customers.

In addition, agencies use social media to promote their brands. Having more followers gives them an aura of legitimacy, therefore becoming a popular choice among new clients.


Blogs provide agencies with another platform to enhance their public image. By publishing articles about the latest business trends and industry news, agencies can demonstrate their expertise in the field. The best part about this PR strategy is that it doesn't cost anything to try, making it a popular choice among agencies just starting.

Press Releases

Press releases are an excellent way to drive traffic toward a client's website. By creating exciting headlines and writing an engaging summary of the article, agencies give users a reason to click on the link.

The release also needs to contain information that proves why it deserves to be published in the first place, whether it's timely or attention-grabbing. You must also ensure you distribute the article through credible media outlets known for their ability to reach out to a broad audience.

Media Tours

One of the most effective PR strategies used by agencies is conducting media tours for their clients. The goal is to provide reporters with an exclusive first look at a product or service that hasn't been released yet.

These events attract journalists from across all media types, including TV, radio, and print news. As such, it's an excellent way to get the word out about a client's business without costing too much money.

Community Outreach

Reaching out to communities where clients do business is another strategy that agencies use to promote their clients' services and products. The company gains valuable insight into what consumers want by hosting events and seminars and speaking at conferences and conventions.

As part of the community outreach plan, agencies also hold contests and giveaways where participants are offered valuable prizes. The goal is to get consumers involved in something that they value to carry on even after the agency is gone for good.

Public Speaking

Compared to other strategies, public speaking can be expensive, but it's also very effective. By allowing the client to address an audience that contains potential customers, agencies demonstrate that their clients are credible sources of information about their respective industries.

It is vital to research the tastes and preferences of your target customers before addressing them. Good PR companies already know this and will take all steps to study your target customer base.

Social media contests

Social media contests use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to engage with clients' target market directly. This strategy is beneficial for companies looking to drive traffic towards their social media pages while also creating goodwill with current and potential customers.

The best part about this PR-related strategy is that it doesn't have to cost anything, so it's a good way of engaging the target market without overspending on advertising costs. The agency can still generate revenue through affiliate agreements.

The strategies described above are just some of the ways that agencies promote and market their clients. These ideas can stand out from the crowd and help an agency distinguish itself as a powerhouse in its field.

A good PR company will come up with these unique ideas themselves or through networking with other professionals; either way, it's essential to consider the benefits of each and how it will help achieve the company's goals.

No matter what, your PR firm must be able to conduct detailed market research and analysis to determine the cost-effectiveness of a strategy, and also estimate its potential for success.

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