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What Is Meditation Manifestation And How To Do It

28 May 2021, 00:24 GMT+10

Meditation is the art of choosing to practice quietness of mind. In quieting our mind, we then find some inner peace that is hard to define. But, on the other hand, Manifestation is a continuous process of creating, and it reveals itself in the physical realm. Thus, at every one time in our lives, we are constantly manifesting.

While doing meditation manifestation, we centre our focus on releasing from the persistent mind clatter and outward energy that controls so much of life. Instead, we can centre our attention on our breathing, a particular sound or an image to reach the Zen-like state. Some of us may prefer to chant on affirmations.

When we feel anxious, tired, or all sorts of moods, we should learn to take a break and meditate for a few minutes. It worth the time. A lot of clatter in our minds results in our emotional state of mind and soul being affected negatively.

Meditation comes in here, taming our mind and refocusing our energy on attracting positive things in life. It comes with numerous benefits for our brain and overall well-being.

The practice of meditation is ancient and has been utilized by different cultures for thousands of years, and is proved to be valuable and practical. Moreover, some cultures consider it as part of religion hence a spiritual activity.

Meditation is a beautiful law of attraction tool that we should make use of as it is free. It helps to improve our moods and manifest our desires in life. It is always wise to choose a comfortable, quiet place when meditating. We will learn through some essential tips for meditation manifestation to help empower our lives for the better.

7 Meditation Manifestation Preparation

1) A Quiet Place

We need to be in a peaceful, calm, and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy a positive meditation. Some soft music, lights off, phones off, and anything else that may bring distraction. Music with manifestation affirmations helps in setting a contemplating and reflecting mood for us.

In the process of meditation, all the negative energy is reversed and turned into positive. We can listen to this every day and experience the negative energy getting out as we breathe the positive one. It helps us to connect with the universe and ask for guidance, faith, and opportunities.

2) Use of Props

This comes to mind when we think of what meditation manifestation is and how to do it. Props like cushions and yoga mats are comfortable to sit on during meditation. There is a sense of greater peace that we enjoy. Water fountains and candles also help us in feeling more relaxed.

3) Clothing

For comfort purpose, we need to use loose, fitting, and light clothes on our bodies while meditating.

4) Sitting Posture

Poor posture while sitting may cause us to strain as it takes more strength. Sitting up straight and letting our skeleton support our weight is advisable to enjoy the meditation.

5) Breath

Our breath connects us to the moment and aid in keeping our mind focused. We don't need to intensely focus on our breath as it acts as an anchor to maintain awareness of the present status. Our breath should be slow, even, deep, and accessible. We can inhale and exhale ten breaths this way.

In case of struggle, while breathing, we can count up to five breaths and start again. Chanting "Om", which is a sacred syllable silently with each inhales and audibly while exhaling. It aids in quieting our mind and remove distractive thoughts.

While breathing, we detach our bodies and minds and keep observing our minds from a detached perspective, avoiding judgment or criticism. Then, our bodies gradually begin to cease activities. Avoid dwelling on thoughts that come along to retain our attention on the breath.

6) Meditate

We can meditate on what moves us by letting our mind reach there. With a calm atmosphere, a quiet mind, we can reach new heights in our thoughts.

We can envision the life we want to live in details and receive the positive emotion of meditation. It could be pride, joy, gratitude and many more and enjoy them as if it is happening now and here.

Visualize ourselves doing the things we love and being what we want to be and allow ourselves to feel how it feels good. Enjoy our time to the fullest. Using time is wise to don't worry about the time and start checking on the clock. Setting a reliable timer is good as we won't be as preoccupied with time.

7) Consistent and Persistent:

We can increase our meditation time by 5 minutes per week to progress gradually. Meditating in our homes under good conditions is also a great practice. If we persistently meditate every day intending to empower ourselves, we will finally be skilled meditators.

While at this, we should practice being patient since our minds are always busy and should be patterned to be calm.

Some Benefits As a Result Of Meditation Manifestation

-It improves the practitioner's state of mind, improves physical health, and empower our way of life.

-The effects are long-lasting as we feel calmer and our physical well-being is improved after each sessions.

-Our mental overload is diminished, leading to less stress. A renewed state brings with it clarity on issues affecting our lives and how to handle them positively.

-Ability to relax is increased.

-Receive more energy.

-We become more motivated to work towards our goals.

-Our relationships are improved.

-Improved self-esteem and a stronger connection with our spiritual being.

-A heightened feeling of our well-being, and we become more confident.


To sum it all, meditation manifestation are well explained above, and one cannot be ignorant. Connecting with our universe will allow us to feel connected and give all our negative energy to the universe as we begin to practice meditation manifestation. Practising gratitude by thinking of every little and big thing, we have to be thankful and have faith that everything we need is on its way. You can read further on this article.

Through meditation manifestation, we are beneficiaries of decreased depression, anxiety, less chronic pain, improved sleep, fewer tension headaches and others. In addition, it reduces stress-related conditions, blood pressure, and unknown diseases are all eliminated. Therefore, it is wise to consistently take our time to practice meditation and continue enjoying its' benefits.

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