Sat, 19 Jun 2021

The pandemic came with many new trends while homecare is one of the most top-trending ones. Be it online healthcare assistance or home visiting facility, the trend is immensely growing and the day is not so far when the living rooms will turn into future hospital care.

The healthcare providers are eagerly looking forward to providing niche care to lessen the crowd in hospitals. Meanwhile, the insurers are willing to limit the spending on the healthcare sector. Where this innovative homecare tactic is taking a new storm, on the other side, the pay scale and patient's safety benefits are still the mystery.

Where healthcare providers are assuring to give their best in home care services, on the same side, it is clueless how much to charge for home services and in what ways to provide maximum benefits to patients.

However, according to the ongoing trend, patients with specific medical conditions, for instance, heart patients, pneumonia, or people with mild COVID symptoms are being facilitated with the homecare service. Meanwhile, for other illness and chronic diseases, patients are still supposed to pay a visit to hospitals.

Homecare medical facility growing at a pace

Although, life sciences consulting firms are willing to turn this assist-at-home facility into a permanent option for patients and thus, for this, two big players of the industry- Kaiser Permanente and the Mayo Clinic have mutually decided to make a huge investment to grow the trend of medical home care services within the industry. However, for this, a Boston-based firm named, Medically Home offers these services which are now expected to get expanded. Both of the giant players of the medical industry, that is, Mayo Clinic and Medically Home are assisting around 30% of patients with home-care medical services.

Where this new debate is taking a new turn on the same side, some of the medical care providers are not in favour of this trend of providing home care services. As, there are a lot of hospitals or facilitators that have upgraded their hospitals with new beds and other equipment and thus, this initiative of providing home medical services is making it difficult for newly upgraded hospitals to compete with new opponents. This way, many hospitals are losing their business revenue and finding it difficult to strive better in the medical sector.

Homecare as a failed attempt in some areas

Few of the biotechnology consulting firms came forward and gave their two cents on the concept of initiating home care services. It was debated that not everyone is privileged to take maximum benefits from the offered assistance. As in suburban and rural areas, there are not many internet or technological facilities are available to take benefit from this new trend of 'homecare services'. Hence, it will be impossible for the professionals and even for patients to get in a loop of communication or take immediate healthcare service.

On the other side, few health experts raised a point by highlighting the fact that not everyone has huge space or privacy to take medical services at home. For instance, people who are living alone may find it convenient but, some people have a house that is being shared with other members as well and thus, this marks the biggest question mark on how home care facility will be provided to them without invading the privacy. Concerning this, another ripple that was found in the idea of promoting home care services is that, not everyone has human support at home and in that case, how they are going to manage their meals, bathroom visits, or other necessities. While managing to bring equipment and machines at home could be another struggle too.

By highlighting all the expected obstacles, many of the healthcare experts opposed the idea of turning medical care into a complete home care facility. Moreover, it was also suggested that before supporting the idea, it is necessary for both; the health care providers and patients to take a holistic survey and then to support the idea.

In a nutshell

The heating debate between the medical care experts and biotechnologists indicates that the idea of providing home care services could be beneficial but only at certain criteria. Although, turning the overall medical care services into home care can lead to the worst decision for both; patients and service providers.

So, before jumping into the bandwagon, it is suggested to consider each thing and then to decide to which extent the initiative can be expanded. For some, it could be a blessing and for some, it can turn into a disguise.

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