Tue, 26 Jan 2021

The pandemic has surely changes the way we do things on a normal basis. And with QR codes, snapping and scanning our way to get through with our daily life has become an essential part to keep our safety.

With the recent study conducted by Statista, 48.48% of consumers in the U.K and U.S. are scanning QR codes in the retail industry in 2020. And with that consumer percentage, there's no doubt that their shopping lifestyle is changed with the use of QR codes.

What is a QR code?

A QR code or Quick Response code is a 2-dimensional type of barcode that incorporates the use of 4 encoding modes (numeric, alphanumeric, binary and kanji) to store data into a QR code. The QR code is generated through the use of a QR code generator online.

This type of barcode is first used in the automotive industry in Japan. With today's technological innovation, QR codes are used in storing information that are useful for business, health care, education and other various fields.

As they are ubiquitous today, you can see these QR codes in IDs, magazines, posters, billboards and anywhere as long as they are scannable. In the shopping sense, QR codes are mostly can be found in payments stands, price tags and store walls.

How QR codes Changes People's Shopping Lifestyle?

With the COVID-19 outbreak changing the way people lives, their shopping lifestyle is also altered. With QR codes giving out help to continue their daily routine, the scan and view prompt have become an essential habit to all. Through these changes, here are five notable ways QR codes changes people's shopping lifestyle.

From off-screen to on-screen shopping

One of the ways the use of QR codes changes people's shopping lifestyle is the way how they shop today. As off-screen shopping is discouraged, people are now shopping on-screen or online. With the help of QR codes, retailers and shop owners are able to transition their customers towards online shopping.

Cash to Cashless transactions

With the new era dawning, a new way in paying for the goods people purchase have come a more convenient way during a global health crisis. Because of that, people are changing their shopping lifestyle with the way they pay with their purchases. With one cashless payment method that is widely used today, the use of QR codes has been helping them get their way with transitioning towards cashless transactions.

Print to digital product inquiry

Aside from the cashless transactions that people are embracing in their shopping lifestyle, digital product inquiry has become a thing now. Because of the convenience digital product inquiry can build, retailers are enforcing the use of QR codes to store digital product information to provide easy access for their customers. Through the use of QR codes, people can easily grasp on the information they needed.

From physical to digital discount redemptions

Before, businesses give out physical coupons for their customers to redeem. But with the pandemic changing the way brands and businesses are giving out their discounts to their loyal customers, the use of digital coupons are becoming a key factor to people's changing shopping lifestyle. And with the use of QR codes in storing digital coupons, the way they redeem their discounts fastens. Thanks to its scan and redeem feature, shoppers are embracing the digital way in redeeming the discounts given by their favorite stores or shops.

From Pick-Up to Door to door delivery

As people are now shopping online, their means of getting the items they purchase changes. Because of that, many delivery companies are thriving to deliver their customers' good right into their homes. But as delivering can be a hard task for them to maintain, the use of QR codes have always helped them deliver the right product to its customers. By just scanning and viewing the parcel's delivery information, they can avoid any delivery delay and swapping of delivery parcels to their customers.


Technology has always been a great help to provide people with the need to simplify complicated tasks. With the right tool that they can use to adapt with any changes, the use of QR codes is the most useful tool that shoppers can use in any situation.

Through the help of the best QR code generator, the way they change their shopping lifestyle becomes meaningful and useful in any situation that they might have been.

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